You need exposure! You like to do good! You support your community.


Most non profits host fundraisers to survive. However they are time consuming, have upfront cost, and ask a lot of resources including time, money and dedication. This often creates a loss on most fundraisers with success on a higher yield few far and in between. By using the word of mouth model we encourage conversation through mutually beneficial rewards. Small businesses have to talk about the campaigns they are supporting because it brings them business. Nonprofits talk about the small businesses in their portal because they receive a donation. Smartfund meanwhile is promoting everyone.

The best part of all we only ask for 4 percent after transaction that's it. No membership fees, no commitments, except to do good. 

Success Story

Rock Paper Denim a local clothing company based in Philadelphia, PA joined in 2018. In less than 1 year of working with SmartFund Rock Paper Denim has secured its first Class C government uniform manufacturing and distribution contract and increased their profit by 25% in less than 8 months.

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