A Few Numbers

  • Most of your supporters and participants are between the 45-75k a year income range.

  • They still find a way to donate 3-5% of thier salary per year. 

  • Advertisement for non profits can cost up to 5k monthly.

  • Grant writers can cost up to 2,500 dollars without any promise of an award.

  • To keep engaging programs going you need funding.

Most non profits host fundraisers to survive. However they are time consuming, have upfront cost, and ask a lot of resources including time, money and dedication. This often creates a loss on most fundraisers with success on a higher yield few far and in between.

Benefits include

  • Partnerships where nonprofits will advertise businesses

  • Products  delivered directly to client from vendor

  • 24/7 fundraising capabilities

  • Free to register

  • Web hosting ability

  • No overhead costs

  • w-facebook
  • Twitter Clean