SmartFund is your crowdfunding platform focused on charity, support, community, and merchandising. In the past year of conception, opening and piloting. We have grown into an entire platform for small and local businesses to gain visibility, grow and advertise their business, increase revenue while streamlining the process of donating to charitable causes.




Each vendor and charity on the Smart Fund site will have their own completely customizable website within our platform. When a purchase is made on the nonprofit's website, a percentage goes to the non-profit’s cause, a percentage goes to Smart Fund, and the rest goes to the vendor. 

Who are we?

How it works.

Success Stories


A local candle company hosted their products on our platform to raise money in support of a summer camp. They generated $300 dollars in 1 week selling a product that tends to dip in sales during summer months and donated enough to sponsor 8 kids on 1 field trip.

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